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Curl Harmony

The gorgeous Curl Harmony range was developed to help all curly-haired girls make the most of their natural curly-headed beauty.

Without the right knowledge and treatment curly hair can easily become unruly and unmanageable.

Nadine Anderson discovered how easily this happens when she ditched her relaxers (a chemical straightening process) and found it impossible to find natural, nourishing curl-loving hair products specifically for Afro hair in the UK. But frustration is often the catalyst to opportunity and Nadine decided to do something about it for herself and other UK women.

Realising the similarities between all types of curly hair, Nadine developed a range of hair products using luxurious natural ingredients for every curly girl’s needs. 

All Curl Harmony products are free from harmful chemicals and ingredients unsuitable for curly hair which are often found in other shampoos and conditioners, including petrochemicals, silicones and sulphates.

We use natural or naturally derived ingredients with small amounts of fragrance oils and a safe paraben and formaldehyde free preservative system.