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Love Ur Curls

Learn to love the beautiful and unique waves, curls, spirals, kinks and coils that grow naturally out of your own scalp!

 As curly-haired women, we understand the lifelong struggle in trying to find products that just work. 

After spending decades layering product after product on our hair, in an endless chase for "perfect curls".....
We decided there had to be an easier way!
Unable to find what we needed on the shelves, we developed our own solution.

Where it began...

We spent a lot of time in Research & Development. We had to. It was important for us to create products that actually worked! We analyzed and tried almost every curly-hair product on the market today. We noted properties that we liked from each, eliminated the ones we didn’t like (along with some of the worst chemicals and synthetics) and created a unique product line, with customized formulas for different naturally curly or wavy textures.

With Love Ur Curls' simple 3-step system, we have helped eliminate the time that you currently spend reading product labels, trying to figure out what to put in your hair first, and ultimately, layering multiple products in your hair to get your desired look. 

Don't know your curl type? Check out Naturally Curly to learn more about the different hair typing system.