Only Curls Hair Towel Grey XL

  • Only Curls Hair Towel- Grey XL
  • Only Curls Hair Towel- Grey XL
  • Only Curls Hair Towel- Grey XL

Only Curls Hair Towel Grey XL

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Our new Curly Towel XL is here...

We have upgraded our original Curly Towel into a larger size with a handy button and elastic loop fastening. The fabric is microfibre, but thicker, fluffier and smoother than the original, for a more premium drying experience.

Why use a microfibre towel?

Hair is most fragile when wet. The uneven surface of a regular cotton towel roughens up cuticles and absorbs moisture from only the surface of the hair. Uneven cuticles and imbalanced moisture distribution results in frizz.

 The Only Curls microfibre hair towel has been developed specifically for curly hair. 100% microfibre smooth yarns leave cuticles intact and absorb just the right amount of moisture for perfect frizz free curls every time. 

Drying time is also drastically reduced, this resulting in less heat damage from diffusing / less time air drying.


 Wash hair as normal. Apply conditioner and comb through hair so that curls are detangled while wet. Rinse.
Squeeze out excess water and apply Only Curls Hydrating Creme.

 STEP 3 
Using your Only Curls towel, scrunch dry in an upwards motion. Hold each scrunch for around 3 seconds and release.

 STEP 4 
Apply Only Curls Enhancing Curl Gel.

 STEP 5 
With the button at the back of your head, wrap your hair in the towel. Hold the elastic loops together and fasten around the button. Leave as long as desired.   

 Air dry or diffuse dry to finish.