A’mour360 Luxurious Jade Roller and Guasha Set
A’mour360 Luxurious Jade Roller and Guasha Set

A’mour360 Luxurious Jade Roller and Guasha Set

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Jade Roller and Guasha Tool

The jade roller and guasha tool are used to help boost blood circulation, reducing swelling and puffiness of the eyes and face, help aid the application of facial oil or serums, allowing for deeper product penetration and more.

Made with 100% Jade, not mixed with glass artificial color or other metals.

Rust resistant and with special plastic inserts to avoid friction and sounds when rolling, for a smooth and slient application.

Jade roller is a natural stone and the green color may vary.


Jade roller: 5.8" H, 2.2" wide roll, 1.5" smaller roll

Guasha tool: 2.87" H, 2.56" W


For the roller.

After washing your face and using a toner, apply a generous amount of our Nourishing oil, gently glide over your face and neck daily for two minutes or more. The weight of the stone it's enough pressure for your skin, no additional pressure needed. Follow the instruction below or included in your box.

Neck and clavicle. Start rolling in a downward motion starting from the midline outward then above the clavicle from midline outward. Perform a sweeping roll under the chin toward the collarbone, working outward toward the sides of the neck.

Chin and Cheeks area: Roll from the center outward and upward on the cheeks. Using the large side of the roller, work from the nose out to the ear, then continue on the upper and lower lips and chin. At the chin, follow along the lower jawline to under the earlobe. Repeat on the other side. Then roll from the center of the hairline toward the temples on the right and left sides. Do each rolling motion 3–6 times on each area you are working on.

Eyes and lids : Use the smaller roll to gently work around the eye area, start from the corner of the eye to the ear, using very light pressure as this area is very sensitive. It can also be used gently on the eyelid and borw bone. To do this sweep gently from the inner corner of the eye, rolling to the temple.

Forehead: Divide this section on 3. Roll from above the brow gently toward the temples and hair line. Repeat of the other side. For the center of the forehead, roll upwards.

For the Guasha tool.

Use over clean skin daily for 3–5 minutes, using light pressure, repeat each "sweep" about 5-6 times. Do each side of the face separately for maximum benefits. Use our Nourishing oil or favorite cream.

Jawline and neck: Work from the center of the chin upward towards the cheeks, to the hair line. Then make sweeping rolls under jawline towards the collar bones.

Cheeks: Start at the nose and work upward in a swooping motion along the cheeks and cheekbones, moving outward toward your ears. Repeat to make sure the whole cheek area has been massaged. Complete the sweeping motion on one swoop to help drain fluids.

Under eyes: Use the round end of the guasha. Start in the inner corner of the eye and glide outward toward the temple to help with puffiness and dark circles. Apply very gentle and light pressure to this area.

Forehead: Divide your forehead into three sections, place the guasha a little above your brow bone and glide the tool outward to the temple (5x). Repeat on other side. for the center area scrape upwards to hair line.

Brow Bone Area: Glide upward along the brow bone, going from the inside out, very gently to the hair line.

Lips: Glide over your lips back-and-forth, a few times for a nice plump effect.

Caring for your tools.

Make sure to wipe your jade roller with a damp cloth then dry with an absorbent soft cloth. The stone is non porous and won't harvest gems, however it should be clean to avoid adding old products to your skin. Let it air dry completely before putting away. Never clean with very hot water or soak in water.