Soultanicals Napp’etizers Hair Travel Kit

Soultanicals Napp'etizers Hair Travel Kit

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Ready to hit the Road? Take a Soultanicals' Napp'etizers Travel Kit with you!

Not Ready to Commit? Purchase a sample pack and experience a brand new flava in your hair! Or gift one of your BFF (Best Folliclular Friends) to let them know what the rave is all about! ;)

Includes 5 Natural Hair Wash Day Essentials:

2 oz Frizz Whiz Leave-In (Leave In Conditioner)

2 oz Hair Sorrell Knapp’etizing Kink Drink (Refresher)

2 oz Fro'zen Supa Hold Gel  (Gel/Styler)

2 oz Afrotastic Curl Elastic Deep Conditioning Treat (Deep Conditioner)

2 oz A.C.V. Clarifying Hair/Scalp Poo (Shampoo/Cleanser)