WetBrush Pro Detangler

WetBrush Pro Detangler

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If your knots and tangles are out of control, there’s only one thing for it: you need a professional... The ultimate hair (and time) saving tool, the Pro Detangler effortlessly detangles wet, or dry hair without breaking or stretching your delicate strands. Ergonomically designed with a rubber coated, non-slip handle, this is ideal for eliminating post-wash knots and reinvigorating your scalp – as well as for smoothing and separating dry hair (including both real and synthetic extensions) without making your look like you’ve stood far too close to the Van der Graaf generator… Suitable for all hair lengths and textures, this brush will change your life – particularly if your hair is notoriously uncooperative, or you have children who balk at the prospect of grooming. Affordable and hard-wearing with three colour options, buy one for every member of your clan and say ‘good riddance’ to tangles (and tantrums)!


Use to smooth and detangle wet or dry hair. Suitable for all lengths and textures.