PuffCuff Mini Pack
PuffCuff Mini Pack
PuffCuff Mini Pack
PuffCuff Mini Pack
PuffCuff Mini Pack

PuffCuff Mini Pack

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The MINI was originally designed for little curly-headed people, but then we realized these aren’t just for kids! It works great for curly-headed grown-ups with longer hair or less density. These are ideal for creating multiple puffs, sloppy buns and curly ponytails. Just like the ORIGINAL and JUNIOR, these PuffCuffs are going to hold your hair securely in place without tension, breakage or damage. Since there are three (3) in this pack, you have even more styling options - space buns, anyone?!

Measurements are from the left outside edge to right outside edge when the hair clamp is closed.

  • Height: 3.875 inches
  • Width: 2.5 inches
  • Depth: .5 inches
  • Gross weight: < 1 ounce
  • Net weight: .2 ounce
  • Color: black
  • Material: lightweight, high impact-resistant ABS plastic**
  • Package includes: 3 pcs

**Marks may appear on the surface of the PuffCuff. These marks are NOT scratches or indicate the product has been used. The marks are called "flow lines" (ripples where the plastic overlaps) this sometimes happens with ABS plastic. These ripples occur when the plastic doesn't flow into the injection molding machine at a constant pace, or it can happen at the end of the flow. This in no way affects the integrity of the PuffCuff. Also, thin black threads may appear in your packaged PuffCuff. Don't be alarmed, THESE ARE NOT HAIR! These plastic strings/threads are a result of when the PuffCuff comes out of the hot mold.