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My New Go-To!

This is somewhere in between a shampoo and a cowash, so don't expect it to lather, but it leaves hair and scalp feeling cleansed and strengthened without stripping. It is moisturising and 'slippy' enough to finger-detangle with, and full of incredibly nourishing ingredients. It has a weird, salty, herbal-with-a-hint-of-rosemary smell, which I don't think anyone would particularly care for, but the smell doesn't linger for long after rinsing, so that's a plus. Overall, I love this butta shampoo, I find myself looking forward to using it every wash day, and I'd rather reach for this over even my most moisturising 'proper' shampoo. I really didn't expect to love this product so much, and the product-to-price ratio isn't great, but it's worth trying at least once (RIP to my hair budget!).

C Black

Love the ingredients and the smell...but not sure this feels as a shampoo as it does not lather and since I'm not a fan of cowashing I feel I keep on applying the product as I'm unsure it actually cleans my hair.On a positive side it does have a very creamy texture...

This is a dream!

I was looking for an alternative to As I Am's co-wash and this is definitely it - if not better. So cleansing and soothing, this is the real deal, what a co-wash should be.